Trading Manual

Binary Option Signals Trading Manual

Here are the 10 most important rules in order to be successful while using our signals: 


Rule #1 A break of 1-3 pips might be a false break and is not consider a real break – Watch out!

Rule #2 If the support or resistance level was broken and you missed it, Wait a few seconds! for a few pips correction and execute the trade.

Rule #3 Sometimes a winning trade can be achieve after a break of only 10 pips or even less and Sometimes it can be a massive break of 100 pips.

Rule #4 The more times a support/resistance level have been tested and not broken, The better! it mean that when the break will arrive it will be in most cases more significant.

Rule #5 When you trade never put all of your money on 1 signal, we are not gamblers!

Rule #6  Many times a break of a resistance/support level can be taken advantage more than once in other words you can open 4-5 on 60 seconds expiry on after another.

Rule #7  Sometimes a break of support/resistance level is being followed by a quick retracement, just wait for a moments more to make sure as it might be a false alert meaning The real break have not occurred yet!

Rule #8  Some days the markets are steady and it is more difficult to find good trading opportunities.

Rule #9  In many cases a support level that was broken can turn into resistance level and vice versa.

Rule #10 Not all signals are winners, Sometimes you will lose money.


We wish you all successful and profitable trading!

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