Anyoption Review

Practice Simple Trading with Anyoption


When Anyoption was launched in 2009, they were known as seasoned experts in the market. Since then, there has not been much of a change in this platform. With the motto to keep it simple, Any Option has staunchly maintained their philosophy in every aspect of their trading.

The website is clear and easy to understand and provides exact instructions to the newcomers as to how they should begin trading. This is why the platform is appropriate for beginners with plenty of assets to trade with, making it look appealing.


Payout: Any Option provides a decent payout that is between 61% and 71% depending on what you are trading along with the expiry time. There is also a guarantee of 15% of your initial deposit back in case you end up out of the money. This might not be the highest payout, but the money-back guarantee makes trading with Anyoption a suitable choice for many. The minimum amount you are required to deposit is $100, which is reasonable.


Assets: Traders get a whopping amount of assets to choose from, with over 140 of them and the list getting bigger each time. Trading is available in the following markets:


  • Stock Options
  • Asset Index
  • Commodity Options
  • Forex Options
  • Index Options


Platform: You can easily log in to the web based platform of Anyoption and access your account from anywhere. You might even opt to receive text messages that inform you about the consequences of your trade. You may choose from 4 different expiry times on the most tradable assets. These are:


  • End of the hour
  • End of day
  • End of week
  • End of month


If you are a customer that purchases hourly options, you can make the most of the “Profit Line” feature. It is a real time chart which follows and displays your profits, thus allowing you to check your success in investment precisely. You can trade the following languages on this platform:


  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Turkish
  • Arabic
  • Russian


The wall is a great feature. It displays the trades that are carried out by clients in a real time scenario. This gives you an impression of which traders are making a profit and by how much. The “Roll-forward” feature helps you push ahead the expiry time of your option if you want to the nearest available expiry time.

With fine-tuned workings, Anyoption is one of the most reliable platforms to depend upon.